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Staying Safe

how can i stay safe without vaccination?

This is a hard one. For most of the pandemic, people protected themselves by social distancing (staying six feet apart), wearing masks, and avoiding indoor activities with other unvaccinated people. These are healthful behaviors. If you are doing these things – thank you. The problem is, life is changing now.

The federal guidelines changed to say that vaccinated people can stop wearing masks–but, when you see someone who is not wearing a mask, you can’t be sure if they are vaccinated or not.
Most schools are moving towards in-person learning, and ending virtual learning options.
Some workplaces are reopening their physical locations, and altering telecommute options.

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With travel reopening, loved ones will gather for more family reunions, weddings, graduations, and other pent-up celebrations that were put on hold last year.
Staying Safe

how can I stay safe without vaccination? 

Because the world – including Howard County – is reopening, it may be time to consider vaccination so you can go to work, school, family gatherings and other activities. This may feel unsettling when you’ve been following safe social distancing behaviors for so long.

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